Best Hotel Near Ocean City, MD Farms & Orchards

Fall’s in the air here along the Atlantic shore, and it’s the perfect season to join us for some beachside bliss here at the Ocean City Ashore Resort & Beach Club! Along with strolls along Ocean City’s world-famous boardwalk, oceanfront dining our The Taproom Pub, and “leaf-peeping” your way through the fall colors, this time of year is perfect for sampling some of the Delmarva Peninsula’s rich farmland bounty.

Tooling your way between farmstands, U-pick orchards, and produce markets is a fine way to soak up the autumn vibes on an Ocean City Ashore Resort & Beach Club getaway—all while reveling in our upscale hospitality along the OCMD seashore! Here are a few destinations to consider while day-tripping out of our resort, or on your way here or home.

Farms, Orchards, and More Near Ocean City, Maryland

You’re pretty much spoiled for choices when it comes to exploring local agriculture with an Ocean City, Maryland base. The locations we’re mentioning here aren’t exhaustive, but give you some idea of your options. (Remember to always contact a property before beelining for it, as some are only seasonally open, not all offer U-pick, and the availability and timeframes of particular products naturally vary from year to year. Such is farming…)

Between OCMD and Assateague Island, the family-owned and operated Assateague Farm & Nursery (11832 Assateague Rd, Berlin, MD) sells a variety of produce as well as lovely blooms. And the sixth-generation Bennett Orchards (31442 Peach Tree Ln, Frankford, DE) is renowned for its peaches, nectarines, and blueberries, so consider a visit next year during the appropriate seasons for those delicious Delmarva-grown fruits.

Get in the fall spirit amid the pumpkins and squash available at Mr. Pepper’s Pumpkin Patch (13500 Laurel Rd, Laurel, DE). You’ll also find pumpkins and gourds on offer at the long-running Jeff’s Greenhouses (7781 Main St., Bethel, MD), established in 1962, open year-round, and maintaining 19 well-stocked greenhouses. (Come the yuletide stretch of the calendar, Jeff’s Greenhouses is also known for its Christmas trees, wreaths, poinsettias, and other holiday essentials.)

Other options within day-tripping distance of the Ocean City Ashore Resort & Beach Club include Blades Orchard (4822 Preston Rd, Federalsburg, MD), which among other products sells a nice diversity of apples—Gala, Autumn Crisp, Jona Gold, and more—along with apple cider donuts, apple butter, apple cider, and various preserves. You’ll find a nice array of local farm goodies at the T.S. Smith Orchard Point Market (9045 Redden Rd, Bridgeville, DE), including in-season peaches, pears, and apples from the outfit’s own orchards and many kinds of autumn veggies.

The Perfect Fall Escape to Ocean City, Maryland With Our Luxurious Beachfront Accommodations

Use our well-appointed beachfront resort as your Ocean City launchpad for surveying just how fertile the Delmarva Peninsula’s soils are—and just how hard its farmers, orchardists, and other producers work!